Marie-Madeleine Sarr


Martin Béliveau

Weight : 59 kg
Height : 166 cm
Eyes : brown
Hairs : noir
Spoken languages : Français et Anglais
Member of : UDA (intern)


It was at a young age that Marie-Madeleine Sarr started playing on stage and it inevitably tinted her training as an actress. Her schooling at the National Theater School of Canada led her to meet several directors. Throughout the projects, she interprets important formative roles and sharpens her creative sense under the direction of Catherine Bourgeois, Steve Gagnon, Alice Ronfard and Frédéric Dubois, among others. Under the direction of Luc Bourgeois, she plays Junie in Britannicus. She also defends the role of Emma Bovary in the adaptation of the novel by Madame Bovary, all orchestrated by Catherine Vidal. Along with Edith Patenaude, she dares and refines a visceral and fragile game in a rewriting of the tragedy of Médée by Tamara Nguyen. 

Graduated from the 2020 promotion of the NTS and inspired by artistic friendships, she nourishes the desire for a collective creation, an expressive laboratory where a word like the new generation of interpreters with diverse origins will be written, experienced and heard.

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The roles obtained

  • Les petits rois / Fille / Zone 3-XVII inc. / 2021
  • À quelle heure on est mort / Chäteaugué / Théâtre des Fonds de Tiroirs / 2020
  • Jour du courage / Lecture / Festival FIL / 2020
  • Lettre d'une africaine / Lecture / Théâtre de Quat'sous / 2020
  • Ultime Saga / Multiples personnages / Sébastien David / École nationale de théâtre / 2020
  • Bovary / Emma Bovary / Catherine Vidal / École nationale de théâtre / 2019
  • Claude Gauvreau : L'asile de la pureté et autres fragments / Jane Rameau, Abraham de Turelure / École nationale de théâtre / 2019
  • Hors-Médée / Médée / Édith Patenaude / École nationale de théâtre / 2018
  • Vie et Mort du Roi boiteux / Marie-Jeanne Larose / Steve Gagnon / École nationale de théâtre / 2018
  • Voice type / Alto


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