Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao

Karine Lapierre

Weight : 98 kg
Height : 161 cm
Eyes : brown
Hairs : noir
Spoken languages : français
Member of : UDA (intern)


Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao is a young actress from Uashat and a visual arts graduate of the Cegep of Sept-Iles. As a multidisciplinary artist, Sharon directs her first documentary short film in 2015. De face ou de profil is a piece where she plays with the social instruments of the 21st century to create an interrogation on her own identity. She rapidly possesses the big screen with her memorable performance in Kuessipan, a film by Myriam Verreault, presented at the TIFF in 2019. The Canadian Film Festival of Dieppe, in France, gives her the Revelation Award for her role. Sharon is also a part of the cast of the second season of Toute la vie. 

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The roles obtained

  • National Indigenous Screen Awards,
    Award for Best Actress / 2020

    Revelation Award, Canadian film festival of Dieppe (France) / 2020

    Best documentary, FFEQ Student Festival of Québec / 2016

    Coup de coeur Award, Montreal First People's Festival / 2015

    6th place in the category writing, arts competition and first nations stories, Toronto / 2014
  • Mashinikan / Kaylie: Fille de Céline / Théâtre La Rubrique / 2022
  • Toute la vie / Ozalée / Jean-Philippe Duval / Aetios / 2020
  • Kuessipan / Mikuan / Myriam Verreault / Max Films Médias / 2019


Démo JEU Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao

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